Google Classroom Tutorial

Accessing Google Classroom on an XBOX

How to access Google Classroom on an XBOX

You are able to access Google Classroom on a wide variey of Gaming Consoles. One of these being an XBOX. This tutorial will work for any XBOX ONE with an Internet Connection. This will also work with the previous generation on XBOX, the 360 – however the instructions will differ from the below …

Start out by ensuring you are on your XBOX home screen. If you are not, press ‘Home’ on the controller and scroll down to ‘My games & Apps’ …

Then press on ‘See All’ …

From there, scroll down to ‘Apps’, move to the right hand screen and select ‘Microsoft Edge’. You can also use the Sort function at the top should you struggle to find it …
From there, you will then be able to search the internet. You can use your controller to navigate the screen, and type, or you can plug in a generic USB Keyboard and Mouse to navigate to classroom.google.com

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