Google Classroom Tutorial

Accessing Google Classroom on a Playstation

How to access Google Classroom on a Playstation

You are able to access Google Classroom on a wide variey of Gaming Consoles. One of these being a Playstation. This tutorial will work for any Playstation 4 with an Internet Connection. This will also work with the previous generation, the Playstation 3 – however the instructions will differ from the below …

Start out by returning to your PS4 home screen and find the ‘Library’ box …

On the next screen, move up to the magnifying glass icon, which will allow you to search, and type in ‘Internet’ …

Move down and select ‘Internet Browser’, and then press on ‘Start’ once prompted …

From there, once the Internet has loaded, you can visit classroom.google.com to access online learning. You are able able to plug in a USB Keyboard and Mouse into the Playstation should you have one available …

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