Google Classroom Tutorial

Accessing Google Drive on a Computer

How to Access Google Drive using a Computer

With Google Drive, you can store your files securely and open or edit them from any device using Google Drive, which will include your Computer, Android Device, iPhone and iPad …

To access your child’s google drive, ensure they are signed into your Pinewood School Google account and open the list of Google Apps, then click on ‘Drive’ …

When there, you will be able to view your most recently accessed files …

Clicking on the ‘Classroom’ folder will bring up individual folders based on the classes your child is in. You will be able to access the specific files for that class by going into them …

Looking under ‘Files’ – you are able to see all of the documents which your child has created themselvess 

You are able to create new documents from within Google Drive by clicking on ‘New’ on the top left hand corner …

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