Arbor Tutorial

Viewing and Logging Communications

How to view / log Communications

Arbor will allow you to log a wide variety of different communication types. One of the most popular ones would be for a phone call with a parent / carer. You are also able to view the communication history for students to see whether a letter has been sent home or not. Here is a guide on how to do this …

When you log into Arbor you will be greeted with a screen which looks like this. To access the general communication section you will need to go to ‘School’ — ‘Communications’ — ‘All School Communications’

From there, you are able to see all of the communications which have been sent out by us. You can use the left-hand panel to filter these by Telephone call, Email, etc …
You can also log, or even create a new communication here by pressing on the orange button on the top right hand side …
You can also view individual communications per student by using the filter section at the top …
You can also access this information / log communications by visiting the student’s profile. To do this, locate your student by using the search box at the top and view their profile. You can then select ‘Communications & Notes’ …
You will then be greeted with a screen that shows all of the communication types for this specific student. Clicking on the same orange button on the top right will allow you to send a communication or log a phone call etc …

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