Teenage Development

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Teenage Development

Short Definition:

This includes Adolescence and Puberty

Adolescence, are the years between puberty to adulthood:

Early adolescence, 11y -14y
Middle adolescence, 15y -17y
Late adolescence, 18y -21y

Adolescence is a time of:

• Physical, mental, emotional and social changes
• Puberty (which is sexual maturity, where the body develops and changes) This may happen gradually or all at the same time.
• Boys and girls develop differently and at different speeds.
• You will experience increased independence from parents/carers
• More concerns about body image and clothes and how you look
• Being influenced by friends
• A greater sense of right and wrong
• These changes can be overwhelming. Sadness and moodiness can be normal. But feeling very very sad, hopeless or worthless could be an initial sign that more support is needed for example, strategies to overcome these feelings.

Ms Hooton’s Useful Tips:

  • Talk to a trusted adult about your feelings around your body concerns.
  • Your friends may be talking about how their bodies are changing but you feel yours is not. Remember everyone develops at different speeds and boys and girls develop differently.
  • Ask questions and read simple books about Adolescence and Puberty. This will help to reassure you
  • Feeling moody, angry and sad is Ok. If you feel this is interfering with your everyday. Seek Help and support.
  • Hormones play a big part in your development at this time. If you are worried again Seek support.
  • You will get through this. Your teachers, parents/carers have all been through this speak to them.
  • This is a time where you are growing into an adult and your character and identity is surfacing.


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