Self Harm

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Self Harm

Short Definition:

What does Self-Harm mean?

Self-Harm is difficult to talk about but it is a common problem and you can beat it.

Self-Harm is when you harm yourself on purpose to relieve feelings of distress or when life feels too hard to cope with. It may be because you have intense thoughts and feelings and hurting yourself feels the only way to let those feelings out OR you might be feeling nothing and want to hurt yourself so that you can feel something.

Self-Harm is a way to let the feelings on the inside come to the outside:

You may experience:

• Pain
• Temporary marks on the skin
• Scarring
• Feelings of sickness or dizziness
• Feelings of weakness, shame or disgust and anger.
• Feeling scare, out of control or confused
• Feelings of being alone
• Not eating, over-eating, or forcing yourself to throw up
• Spending all our time on addictive behaviours like gaming, social media.
• Over exercising or exercising when injured
• Getting into situations on purpose where you may ger hurt

Ms Hooton’s Useful Tips:

• Talk to Someone. A trusted person, staff member, parent/carer.
• Get professional support (CAMHS, PALMs) Go to your GP with your Parent/Carer.
• Keep a journal. Writing feelings down helps to get what is in inside to the outside.
• Small changes can boost your mood
• Find way to keep yourself safe
• Try to make connections with your friends
• Spend some time outside in nature
• Stroke a pet. If you don’t have a pet may be a favourite toy/item of clothing/blanket/fidget toy/soft toy etc.


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