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Pinewood’s School Council is a dynamic platform for school development.

At the start of each academic year, students from each tutor group can put their names forward to become a councillor. The tutor group then votes to elect one councillor and one vice councillor.

A member of Pinewood’s School Council is someone who can develop and demonstrate the following attributes: –

  • They have high standards for themselves and others and provide a positive role model for their peers
  • They are reliable and punctual members of the school community
  • They have energy and commitment and freely give time to meetings and other school matters
  • They listen to, and appreciate, the ideas of other members of the school community and bring those ideas to Council meetings
  • They inform and explain to the school community, in a variety of different ways, decisions which have been made
  • They are prepared to take part in interviewing panels for staff appointments
  • They are prepared to be interviewed by members of the press when the Council has been involved in special achievements
  • They represent the views of  the pupils to the school’s management and governing body

Account from a previous School Councillor:

My name is Josh and I was the school councillor for my tutor group.

I really enjoyed being a school councillor.

We had meetings each month and the best thing was when we chose the colour scheme, carpet and curtains for the whole of Flat 6. It was exciting when we were given a big cheque in assembly by the bank!

I also thought it was interesting when we interviewed people for teaching jobs at Pinewood. It was fun interviewing Mr Harvey and Ms Underwood!

We had lots of ideas and learnt that, sometimes, our ideas won’t work. For example, we spent a lot of time trying to find places for lockers but, in the end, decided that there was not enough room near the classes.

We invited Mr Lloyd to some of our meetings to ask him questions and to tell him what we wanted!

I learnt how to listen to ideas from people in my tutor group. Sometimes people asked me things at break times. I made good friends with people from other years who were on the School Council. We worked hard but it was fun!

I also liked showing parents around the school and talking about Pinewood to them.

I really liked being on the School Council and hope that I get elected again soon!

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