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In-Service Training and Continuing Professional Development within the school is well led and managed.  An outstanding example of this was a 15 weeks Autism Training Programme for all staff – delivered with the support of a wide range of external professionals.  The school now shares this expertise by providing training to other schools and organisations, both locally and further afield.

There is a programme of staff meetings and INSET sessions, with agendas published beforehand for staff to consider, and staff training is regularly up-dated on issues such as Child Protection, Children Looked After, Steps training and medical training. Staff are encouraged to deliver training in any area they have expertise. The workshops and drop in training sessions are open to everyone on the staff.

There is a well-established programme for the induction of new members of staff and newly qualified teachers.

Staff are positively encouraged to continue their professional development related to their existing or future roles at Pinewood, so that the pupils can benefit from up-to-date knowledge and skills. Many staff visit other schools to gather information on teaching practice or systems that could be benefit pupils here at Pinewood.

There is an evaluative system in place to monitor the outcomes from INSET and CPD. Staff are regularly consulted to establish what their training needs are and the relevant courses are provided.

CPD is clearly linked to the development plan and the school’s priorities.

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