Residential Visits

Learning outside of the classroom

Residential Visits

How does it work?

Linked into Learning Outside the Classroom, are the varied opportunities to undertake residential experiences. It is know that staying away for a few days or more is a powerful way of developing key life skills such as building confidence, self-esteem, communication and team working.

At Pinewood we offer residential experiences across all age ranges, adopting a gradual approach to the experience, and by doing this students are encouraged over time to be more independent from their family groups and to be able to stay away in a supporting environment from their homes for longer. This also incorporates distance, taking groups further afield across their academic career.

These experiences are offered in number of different types of accommodation; ranging from Hostels, Tents and Shelters constructed by pupils. As well as differing accommodation the experiences differ and include using outdoor activity centres, travelling into Europe, expeditions and visiting historic places of interest.

Residential experiences are not just limited to during term time, as Pinewood School runs successful trips during school holiday’s and at weekends.

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