Pinewood’s Headteacher’s Podcast – Episode 5

Our headteacher, Mr McGachen, asked our students what they feel about being back in school.

“School! I love school!”
“Scared and nervous. So far it’s been alright.”
“I felt a little bit anxious being back at school, I feel I am not prepared. A little happy and a little sad. I need to get used to the flow of lessons.”
“I am actually really happy to be here. It’s really good to be back at school, being with my friends.”
“Lockdown hasn’t been easy doing the live lessons. I am really happy for being with the teachers and TA”.
“I feel so alive!”
“Happy as a butterfly!”

Favourite part of being back?
“Playing with my friends”.
“Cooking with my friends”
“Being outside with my friends!”

What about work? – “Oh yeah, that too!” 😃
Welcome back, we missed you!