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Short Definition:

Dyspraxia, also known as developmental coordination disorder (DCD), is a common disorder affecting movement and coordination in children and adults. Difficulties are usually evident from an early age and make it difficult for people to carry out everyday activities that others manage easily. Each person experiences dyspraxia differently and how it affects an individual varies according to their age, life experience, environmental demands and the support given.

  • Problems include: Movement Large and small body movements appear awkward and laboured. Poor body/spatial awareness means more trips, bumps and bruises. Physical skills are difficult to master, retain and generalise. 
  • Organisation and planning People with dyspraxia can have difficulty organising their thoughts, body and equipment. There may be problems with attention, memory and time management.
  •  Speech and language Some people with dyspraxia have difficulty keeping up with conversations and there may be long, awkward pauses before they respond to a question or comment. The term verbal dyspraxia is used to describe a severe and persistent difficulty coordinating the precise movements required to produce clear speech; verbal dyspraxia can occur in isolation or alongside general motor dyspraxia.


Jacqueline’s Useful Tips:

To help everyone, you could


  • Try activities which involve the whole family equally
  • Encourage each child to develop their own hobbies and interests so that comparisons are irrelevant
  • Talk to your partner about the problems and be open about how you both feel
  • Try to arrange time each week to concentrate on each child, and your partner
  • Take time for yourself and keep in touch with friends
  • Join a local support group. Some groups run events which include siblings

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