RSE Consultation

Parental engagement with statutory relationships, sex and health education

RSE Consultation

What you need to know:

The Government has issued statutory guidance for the teaching of Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) which will come into force in the Summer term 2021.

By law we are required to consult with parents over the content of our policy prior to the Governors approving it for implementation.

As you know, we invited all parents to a virtual meeting last half term and in an ideal world we would also have invited you to a presentation at the school, with further opportunities for questions and answers.

As the second part is not possible at this current time with the national lockdown in place, we are having to do this process via our website. Examples of themes, topic areas to be covered and some lesson plans/mid-term plans are available for you to view. However, in essence very little will change in the actual content from that we currently deliver to our pupils at present within PSHE, and with all of the cross curricular links to subjects such as Science, Physical Education and WRL (KS 4).

Statutory RSE Parent and Carer Consultation Letter


Example KS3 Curriculum Themes

Example KS4 Curriculum Themes

Example Relationships Mid Term Plan

Example PSHCE Mid Term Plan

Government RSE Statutory Guidance

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