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Students at Pinewood deserve the best curriculum that we can offer. Each student brings their own needs and interests to the school so the curriculum we offer has to reflect that as much as it reflects statutory requirements and Government or Local Authority guidelines.

Above all else we believe that our students learn best when they are enjoying themselves so the curriculum at Pinewood is designed to offer all students a learning experience that is academically appropriate to their needs, that stretches them, is relevant to life beyond Pinewood and fun.

The curriculum at Pinewood is not a static thing. It changes as the needs and aspirations of our students change. In order to achieve this freshness, it is renewed and revised on a regular basis.

All students at Pinewood receive a broad curriculum of Core (English, Mathematics, Science and ICT) and Foundation subjects similar to that found in many other schools. In addition to these all students study “Pinewood Outdoors”. We currently offer GCSE Maths Foundation Level.

Recently we identified that our pupils would benefit from more ‘lifeskills’ lessons so in Year 10 and 11, under the banner of Work Related Learning, we have introduced Community Independence, Enrichment and Pathways. The lessons are on a carousel rotation so over the course of the two years all areas in the WRL curriculum are experienced by our pupils. In these lessons pupils access the community regularly, learn how to keep themselves safe in all aspects of their lives. These subjects are either internally or externally accredited.

Overviews for each curriculum subject can be found below.

Art Overview

Computer Science Overview

English Overview

Food Tech Overview

Geography Overview

History Overview

Materials Overview

Maths Overview

PE Overview

PSHCE Overview

R.E Overview

Science Overview

Pathways Overview

Community Independence Overview

Enrichment Overview

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