Headteacher’s Podcast – S1 – E2

“The Headteacher’s Podcast” is back for a new season. Mr McGachen welcomes the children back in school, asking them about their summer, what they feel about being back at school and what they are looking forward to in the new academic year. Their answers will surprise you, delight you, and make you smile.

How do you feel about being back at school? “I am really happy”, “Awesome” “Amazing” “I am really happy and grateful” “OK” “Half-half” “Nervous” “Really Happy” What’s the best thing about being back at school? “Seeing my friends”, “Playing with my friends”. “Learning. I love to learn.” What’s the best thing that happened today? “I got to look around Pinewood” “New teacher” “Being in a taxi”
Wishing all the students and staff at Pinewood School a great academic year! Enjoy and stay tuned for other episodes.

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